photo: therapeutic breathing

Oxygen-Xenon-Helium-based Therapeutic and Breathing Mixtures

Helium is used in medical practice as part of oxygen-helium mixtures. The oxygen-helium mixture with 40/60 gas ratio is fairly widespread for treating respiratory deficiencies in patients with pneumonia, bronchial asthma, anemia, tuberculosis, post stroke, and postinfarction patients.

Xenon serves as a harmless contrasting agent for cranial roentgenoscopy.

Oxygen-helium mixture's ability to optimize body temperature regiment attracts a fair deal of attention.

Warmed oxygen-helium mixture evenly warms chest cavity organs, quickly rectifies hypothermia, and, within a comfortable air temperature range, effectively lowers body temperature, including inflamatory disease cases.

Xenon mixtures provide stress relief, act as anti-depressant, and speed up recuperation of professional athletes and workers in extreme occupations.

Xenon mixtures are also used in treatment of patients with drug addiction and alchoholism, toxicomania, post-hypnotic damage of central nervous system in the fields of psychiatry, neurology, and for treating a range of other conditions.

Breathing mixture based on xenon and oxygen is used as a recreational agent. The mixture does not suppress, but supports cardiovascular function, and helps maintain stable blood pressure.

Helium is found in deep-sea breathing mixtures due to its low solubility in the human organism. Divers inhaling this mixture do not go into a narcotic state even at depths of 200-300 meters. This 'specialized oxygen' supports submariners, rescue and relief workers, and oil rig construction and maintenance crews operating in raised air pressure conditions.

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